B2 – Keep on the Borderlands


This is an experiment.  I have decided to run the classic module, B2: Keep on the Borderlands over twitter with Dungeon World rules.  This will be a slow, long running adventure as it has to fit into tweets and I don’t want to spam any of those that follow me (although at this time that wouldn’t be too many people, maybe fewer as time goes on).

How am I going to do this?  I will post what the DM would say over my D&D twitter account (@DnDBill) with the hashtag #KotBdw which stands for Keep on the Borderlands Dungeon World.  Here is a search link for #KotBdw.

At times, I will post recaps here so that other’s can get a feel of what has happened so far and pick up, if interested, on this collective story.

I don’t want to flood anyone with this so I will try to keep it to 1d4 posts per day with the understanding that it might now be an everyday thing at all anyway.

But what about players?  The party is made up of exactly one fighter, one rogue, one wizard and one cleric.  I will eventually have Dungeon World sheets for these that I will post here in case any is interested and as they are fleshed out.  They will be “played” by any collective suggestions from the twitter world at large that tweet back to me with #KotBplayer in their tweet.  Basically

  • #KotBdw: Adventure Canon
  • #KotBplayer: Player Suggestions – incoming channel

If it comes to a point where multiple people are suggesting conflicting actions of a character then I will pick the most popular or go with the most plausible.  I’m sure if this goes long enough then these characters should develop personalities of their own and I will use that collective persona to guide the actions.

What if nobody plays?  I will make logical choices and keep (no pun intended) this going as long as it is interesting.  Remember it is just an experiment.

How long will it take to get through the module this way? The idea here is to enjoy the Journey, not the destination.  The real answer is, I don’t know.  Months?  Years?

How can you play along? Tweet back to me.  Guide these characters.  Send in suggestions.  Send in feedback.  Send in character builds or art I can post.  Participate however you think would be fun for all.

The art is from the cover of the module by the artist Jim Roslof and I post here giving him full credit and my gratitude as he gave me my first visuals into this wonderful hobby.  Jim, you are missed.

2 thoughts on “B2 – Keep on the Borderlands

  1. If “players” contribute by tweeting at you including the #KotBdw hashtag, won’t it sort of pollute the hashtag search and make it unclear which player suggestions “actually happen”? I would suggest having a separate hashtag or encourage direct messages for player actions and keep the #KotBdw hashtag clean for GM narrative + selected character actions so that it could be read back cohesively

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