Keep on the Borderlands: Introducing the Delving Wayfarers

We have our first glance at the party I have taken the liberty of naming, the Delving Wayfarers.

  • Piotr, Priest of Lon (Male Human Cleric)
  • Harlan, Locksmith (Male Halfling Thief)
    • Bond: Weasel it out of Priest Piotr on what really is his purpose
  • Mereina, Sorceress (Female Elven Wizard)
    • Alias: Hexwrought
  • Marl, Guard (Male Human Fighter)
    • Looks: Salt & Pepper Beard
    • Signature Weapon: Flail

Follow & Play:

  • If you want to follow the adventure then search Twitter for the hashtag #kotbdw.
  • If you want to participate in this Unlimited Players adventure entitled The Keep on the Borderlands, then tweet something about the player to the tag #kotbplayer.  This is an excellent tag/channel to follow to see what table talk is going on as well.

“What can I tweet about?” – Anything you might do at the tabletop

  • Initial stat distribution
  • Moves
  • Bonds
  • Thoughts
  • What a character might say
  • The worlds pantheon
  • Initial Spells
  • Prepared Spells
  • Direction when there is a choice
  • Looks
  • Art/Sketches of the characters, npc, lands or creatures
  • Battle instincts
  • World building

Story thus far:

The Delving Wayfarers have traveled from the capitol to the Keep on the Borderlands and was questioned by the guards at the main gate.  The Priest Piotr introduced his companions and requested to avail themselves of the protection the keep promises.  The guard has agreed and is ushering them inside to meet with the corporal.

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