How (and Why) we are running the Ghost of Saltmarsh

An interesting thing happened in October (2020). I had a free Sunday evening and decided I wanted to be a player in a D&D game. Roll20, being flush with games and the tools to find one, is where I thought my best chances were to jump into a pick-up game.

Each free one-shot had 20-30 applicants and I never heard back from any of them. So, I found one that was pay-to-play. It was not expensive for a one-shot ($10-$15 for the night). I submitted what was requested but that one had scheduling problems and never materialized. No game for me that weekend.
Also around this time, work has started to pick up and put some pressure around the prep that I do.
As I was mulling all this over (including my regular D&D groups weekly adventures into first Phandelver and then Avernus), I came to land on some important facts:

  • I have the best damn D&D RPG group already collected.
  • Most of them have been playing D&D 5e for 2 years now. Many of them all have even longer time with the game in previous forms. Some of them have experience with other systems.
  • Wizards of the Coast official Campaign Modules are exceptionally entertaining.
  • Running a game isn’t difficult. It does take extra time to prepare but game night, with this group, is a pleasure to DM for.
  • Half of us have done this already and the other half is more than capable.
  • We need more people that can run, and enjoy running, a game for others. It is too good of a pastime to keep bottled up in the hands of only 1 out of every 8 that can get together and partake.

For 2021, We are going to tackle the Wizards of the Coast official Module, The Ghost of Saltmarsh. We are each going to take a Chapter (what we used to call a module) that is somewhere around the size of The Forge of Fury (a Roll20 test game) that we played and run the game for the rest of the group. Why?

  • Mainly, it spreads out the load of preparing and running a game to about one month each. Everyone will get to show up and enjoy Thursday night most of the year with just a quick review of their current PC’s abilities.
  • Everyone gets to be a player.
  • Everyone can do this.
  • We need more game masters in this world.

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