Cugel’s Tube of Blue Concentrate

In my new podcast on Goodman Game’s upcoming role-playing game, Mutant Crawl Classics, we have a section called Mutagenesis where we take something from media and turn it into an item for use in the game.  Here is my first entry.  Should be compatible for use with Dungeon Crawl Classics as well.

Tube of Blue Concentrate

Source: Jack Vance, Cugel the Clever stories
Delivered: Glowburn, Episode 001

Tech Level: 1 Complexity Level: 1
Range: 120’ (about 50 paces)
Damage: None
Special: All targets must make a DC 12 Fortitude save or be unconscious for 1d8 minutes.
Power: None (1 usage per tube)

A solution of blue concentrate can spray out into about a 45° arc reaching up to 120’ away.  All targets without cover must make a DC 12 Fortitude save or be unconscious for 1d8 minutes.  

This does not work underwater and washing off the blue concentrate with water will terminate the effects and the target will be revived.

The user must make a DC 5 luck check to fire this weapon.  Failure indicates that this tube might have a fault (roll on “What can go wrong”).

Theoretical History: This weapon was probably a tool of an ancient police force and is meant to be used against humanoids.  Given that, it might be totally ineffective against larger creatures. This is up to the Judge.

Literal/Actual Description:  This is a white tube about an inch in a half in diameter and about 8 inches long with a white button on the top.  One end of the tube is solid blue (indicating that this is the end that the blue concentrate will be ejected.)

What can go wrong (d6):

  1. Active Ingredient has degraded – The “knock-out” effect just isn’t there any more.  It just makes the targets blue.
  2. Expellent has expired – Range is significantly reduced to 5 feet or may just drip out of the tube like honey.
  3. Trigger Jams – doesn’t go off right now but once the trigger is pressed it will go off in 1d100 minutes.
  4. Active Ingredient has mutated – It now doesn’t “Knock” anyone out but all that fail the DC 12 Fortitude save rages like a barbarian (extra turn this round and use +1D larger than normal for their actions.)
  5. Explosion – The device explodes and its “Knock-out” effects cover all targets in a full 360° up to 10 feet away.  Those directly behind the caster get a +5 on their saving throw.
  6. Back-fire – the blue concentrate fires out the rear and effects the user.  They are coated with the entire contents and must make the DC 12 Fortitude save with a -5 penalty or suffer double the effects.

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